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One-frame windows and balcony doors with the Softline System are excellent for single family and more family houses. They are a durable and reliable product at a convenient price. Apart from the standard forms of windows we are also able to make windows of any shape. In our offer you can find round, arch, half-arch, triangle, trapezoid and many more other windows. Additonally we produce frames in various colours, as well as different accessories like mullions/transoms or antiburglar handles.

Pine, combined pine, mahogany
The elements of the one-frame windows with the softline profile which come from certified suppliers are glued along the length and in layers with a waterproof glue with a high thermic and machanical resistance, and are systematically tested in laboratories.
Components and window elements are impregnated in a separate process and painted twice with paints diluted in water in the following colours: white, brown, teak. Below a pallet of coulours
  • Envelope ferrules by the company MACO with the micro-opening function on the wing UR or half-envelope ones;
  • Panes: two pane set with a low emission glass, with in-between-pane room filled with argon. Overall heat-transfer coefficient U<1,1 W/m2K, acoustic insulating power Rw=32dB;
  • aluminium gutter drip cap: RAL 9016 white or golden: one-frame windows in white: RAL 8017 brown: one frame windows in brown: RAL 3009 brick-red: one-frame windows in teak;
  • Micro-opening
Handles, ventilators,mullions/transoms: in-beteen-pane, construction, glued, additional drip cap on the wing (slat LPR), antiburglar glass P4, safe glass P2, sound absorbing glass.
5 years

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