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About the company

The company "MUSZYŃSCY" Okna Drewniane Sp.J. was founded in 1997. Since the very beginning we have been producing one-frame windows and doors in the system EURO DJ - 68. We offer very good quality windows, doors and shutters made of three layer glued edge and pine timber and Meranti mahogany. The windows are equipped with two pane gates guaranteeing a low thermic permeability U = 1,1 W/m2 and three pane gates U=0,7 W/m2 and other types.We have also in our offer energysafe windows Clima Trend 78, Clima Trend 88 and "Scandinavian Style" windows

All materials used in production are from reputable foreign vendors:

firm logos Varnish coat system SIKKENS, envelope ferrule MACO, seals DEVENTER, silicones DOW CORNING, aluminium drip caps, glass SAINT-GOBAIN
Modern machines and experience let us process even the most untypical order. Many of our products can be found on the German market. You can find our articles in Berlin,Hamburg,Leipzig, Rostock, Main, on the islands Ruegen,Sylt and in many more smaller places in the North of Germanyand also in Ireland.We have also some projects in Tel-Aviv Israel,witch was made under local Historical Preserwation Departament. Our speciality are style windows meant for historic buildings. Still our main profile is window work for detached family houses.


Mirosław Muszyński - Co-owner
Krzysztof Muszyński - Co-owner
Window production process


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